About Me 

I’ve been a professional photographer for years, and what I find most rewarding is capturing the beauty and individuality of women of all ages. I’m keenly aware of how quickly time passes, which is why I love what I do; it allows me to capture a beautiful moment in time so it can be treasured forever.

Like many women, there was a time when I didn’t feel pretty or like what I saw in the mirror so I avoided cameras. Years of my life passed without a photo—without me being part of the photographic narrative, without memories of myself, for myself, or for others. I wish I knew then what I know now.

You see, the reality is we’re beautiful just the way we are.  The things that we see in the mirror are not the same things others see.  They see US.  They see the person they love.  They see the person that is important to them.  They aren’t judging and picking out our flaws.  We do that to ourselves. My hope is that you won’t wait until someday. You are beautiful now!  It's not about how you look today.  It's about what you will remember tomorrow.

I’m based in the stunning wine country of Sonoma County, CA, where everywhere I look, I’m artistically inspired. I feel blessed to have these lovely vistas and beautiful scenery available as an option for a backdrop for my clients’ photo shoots. Aside from my work, I love to dance and sing, socialize, and take advantage of living in beautiful Sonoma County (the wine). I’m married to my best friend, have 2 grown children, and nothing is more precious and dear to me than my family. 

I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you visiting my website.  Contact me.  I look forward to meeting you.